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For each question, have students raise their response paddles to show the answers they chose. Set a limit of no more than three sentences per question. What is the name of the program Mrs.

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In addition, many of the As It Is stories are perfect for intermediate learners. According to Mike Connolly the Campo Nation has been living under a neocolonial system. Can a car this light survive on the highway? What three things should people do when helping a person who has been poisoned?

What is a major problem in low-income areas? What type of vocational training programs did the U. Where is the fishing village located? According to engineer Mark Jacobson, how many additional deaths per year are caused by global warming? According to Daniel Marcon, what is the advantage to building your own car?

Listening practice to help you understand extended speech about abstract, complex or unfamiliar topics. The listening broadcasts are from a variety of sources. Here you can find activities to practise your listening skills. In coming weeks, abhi mp3 songs telugu we will look at more on creative ways to use our website for classroom or group practice activities. What is the name of the competition?

Mareykanka oo Wax-kabaddalay Dalbashada Fiisooyinka. Advertisements or commercial links. In general, is extra weight a good idea even if one exercises? Then, have each group share their answers to the questions with the class. Weinstein give to students who want to sound more like native English speakers?

The level of the questions are Advanced. Such activities can be excellent tools for classroom learning and English language practice groups.

Information Seller Voice of America. This is actual news from around the world. Describe some of the tests provided at a safety event for teen drivers. The following broadcast discusses the growing popularity of Soccer, especially after the World Cup Competition. Which weighs more muscle or fat?

According to Jeff Elman, what distinguishes humans from baboons? The questions in this segment are only Advanced. What did Ryan have to say about the information in this discussion? Some health experts think that people can be overweight and fit.

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For this activity, teachers will need response paddles image below. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What is the purpose of a mouse? Which sports are receiving more attention in the U. Out of the total number of books Amazon sells, which type is the most popular?

Did the Clintons want the public to know about the wedding plans? What is the name of the module in the brain that produces language? What did people do in the past to help victims of poisoning? What is the old tradition for brides? For example, the text from our written series can be printed and read aloud to students.

Choose your level to practise your listening. What was the purpose of the equipment placed on the sharks?

What group of people did Mike Brown target to buy his electric cars? Dhageyso Idaacadaha Idaacadda Subaxnimo.


Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. What example does Jim Jennings give as equivalent to using the cell phone while driving?

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Take our free online English test to find out which level to choose. The following discussion is about the origin of language and communication among humans compared to communication among other species.

What is the reason for reduced speech? It's One kind of simple, standardized English language broadcasts, which began in the late s. What has the team done to improve aerodynamics?

Name the two types of ceremonies couples might have. Turning on automatic updates helps us deliver the new releases automatically! What is the theory behind the head shape of the Hammerhead shark? Barnaamijka Galka Baarista.

For each question, play the video and then let students discuss their answers. To begin the activity, organize students into small groups. What is the meaning of distracted driving? The following report discusses computer words and new technology. Why did Amazon reduce the price of the Kindle?

How did the Indians feel about the new building? The following discussion is about the increasing popularity of electric cars, and ways people are converting their current gas cars to run on electricity. The levels of the questions range from Easy, Medium, Advanced.

Can a person help themselves if they are chocking? The app is a bit crowded, too much going on. For even more advanced practice, try the video segments of Stephen Colbert. You can read more about materials needed for each activity by downloading the printable guide. What does volunteer Mary Holt receive from the program?

Then, play the video or recording. What are the popular months for marriage? The military uses underwater robotic devices for what purpose? When can having extra weight be beneficial? What was the result of making it easier to catch fish?