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Rama from India I am doing my final year in college. Each testing type is broken up into four sections. Thank you for all the help that is provided on your site.

Maria in Poland Dear Testden! In the independent task, you will simply write an essay on a familiar topic.

No other test can perfectly achieve this purpose. Lihini in Sri Lanka I'm still a student who is looking forward to get enrolled in a university either abroad or in my home country to pursue an undergraduate major in Bio Medical Science. Maiten in Chile I'm about to finish my law degree and I'm planning to continue studying abroad. For the independent tasks, you will be given opinion questions on familiar subjects. When you log out, return using your name and e-mail.

Thank you TestDen for the help. Scoring a good practice test will be easy, and directions to convert your score into the scale for each section will be simple to understand.

Answers to all the questions are given, as well as sample responses for both the Speaking and Writing sections. However, I still need my Doctorate, and it would be awesome to get it abroad. Since then, I have been working as an applications engineer with Oracle in India. Email will not be published required. In fact, I have to pass it, for get in to college or university.

Midori in Japan I'm a university student. Hi, I would love to practice more speaking and listening skills. Will we get paper to take notes on or do they provide it? If you have a long time to study, then you can plan to fit in a few extra practice tests along the way.

TOEFL Prep Online Guides and Tips

After graduating I'm planning to study Lutheran theology in university. Getting a good score takes a lot of work though, and a lot of commitment. Only your top score will be shown. They also offer paid test preparation that includes full practice tests.

TOEFL Prep Online Guides and Tips

That is why I take test den, for preparing for the real toefl test, the vikings where I should get in my first try a very high grade. Toefl was recquired for most universities and as I have always loved English I had no trouble deciding to make it. Your test is automatically graded after you complete it. The software is also very similar to what you will see on test day. Floris in the Netherlands Wow I won!

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If I'm really going to study abroad, I need to keep on practicing and I think the iPod shuffle will be great to listen to sample lectures and records in English, while I do other stuff. It is challenging but not overtly so. Joel in Dominican Republic I'm an art curator at a private museum. With the ipod I will listen to lots of music and take it around.

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You will also be required to listen to an academic course lecture or campus life conversation and respond to a question about what you heard. Rocio in Spain I'm a medical student. He could easily clear the entry requirements for the universities that he was interested in. The scores I received seemed pretty arbitrary. The speaking and writing tests are very challenging though.

But, as an experienced student, you also know that your practice must include more than just sets of questions. Plus, our student help team is here to answer your questions via email if you ever get really confused by the material. Most topics are from academia, and it will be your job to understand rhetorical functions like argumentation, cause-and-effect and compare-and-contrast. Andres from Colombia I am a student. She has taught English and biology in several countries.

Noodang from Toronto I work at my husband's restaurant. The questions are well distributed between the four different skills they test. The passages typically include conversations between two students, academic lectures or discussions.

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Given the results obtained on Testden's practice tests, I suppose I should feel rather confident. Then, you will write a summary that details all of the important points in the listening passage and shows how it connects to the major takeaways from the reading passage. You will be evaluated on how well you are able to synthesize and effectively communicate materials from listening and reading portions. Every standardized test has its particular challenges, and the most important thing you can do as you prepare is to make sure that you know what those challenges are. Ivan in Colombia I'm an artist, I make sculptures an illustrations for a living.

Jerome from Belgium I am looking for work in the humanitarian field or looking at opportunities to improve my academic qualifications. Still, this is a very good official practice test in many ways. For Integrated Speaking, you only get to see the passage once, before you listen to the audio and give your response. See our list of winners below. There are a few disadvantages to the test materials in this course.

It made my time during the test so much easier for I knew exactly what to expect. At the end, there are in-depth explanations for every question and answer. It was sort of first step to achieve a high score.

And, as I was more relaxed my english have flowed naturally, which directly affected my result. The best way to identify the parts of the exam that will be the most difficult for you is to take practice exams and pay attention to your results. My hobby is listening to music, so I would like to listen to my favorite songs. Sebastian in the Netherlands I'm a software engineer and am in an international team of developers.

The iPod will become a part of my daily commute to and from work. Can you share any experience or feelings you got during the exam?

Prashanth from India I am a Systems Engineer. Music is an important of my daily life. Though there are no native English speakers here, we do have to use English all the time since it's the only language we have in common. An iPod Shuffle would just be perfect for me given the work pressure is raising to an all time high at present and I need to rejuvenate myself very frequently. Also, when you take official complete practice tests, be sure to take them under realistic testing conditions we explain how to do this in our next point.

Notify me of new posts by email. Kasumi in Japan I am very surprised and excited to hear that I was chosen to be a iPod winner!