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Poonam Bajwa, the pretty heroine gets her expressions right. Choudhry and he liked it and Jeeva also liked it. There is also an assistant commissioner Sai Kumar whose sister was wronged and killed by the villain clan and he is raging in anger to settle scores with them.

You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. He went to hibernation and had not directed any film so far. Jeeva joins the action league! She has played her role with ease and delivers.

He excels in stunt sequences especially towards the climax. He has portrayed it with dignity and oozes energy. Kottai, with the help of Suryaprakash, kills Kailasam and the minister. This flick is all aruvaal and no brains.

Thenavattu Tamil Movie Review - FilmiBeat

Lethargy is an Indian Tamil action film directed by V. Courage is a Indian Tamil language action film directed by V. Kathir has rendered a movie that is one-dimensional with characters uttering racy dialogues. Behindwoods Movie Review Board. Write about topics that interest you - anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups.

Thenavattu Tamil Movie Review - FilmiBeat

Saranya was selected to play Jeeva's mother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His body language deserves appreciation.

Kottai bashes Santhosh, not knowing that he is Kailasam's son. The actor has attempted to recreate the Vijay magic, with right instructions from the director. Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu. Whether he succeeds in his mission forms the crux of the story.

Bhavana was originally slated to be heroine but she left the film due to unknown reasons. Old wine in an older bottle.

Pavithra Srinivasan, Rediff. When Kailasam comes to know that Kottai has beaten his son to death, he tries to take revenge on Kottai. And so Kottai goes to work. Naturally, Santhosh goes on raping women and Suryaprakash goes on standing still. Kottai's logic for falling in love with her is that she treats him like his own family.

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Poonam Bajwa continues from where she left off in Seval. Stunt scenes by Sumo Arasu do not try anything new. However Ravi Kale is a local dada whose job is to kill people. Poonam Bajwa has played her role with ease and delivers. Jeeva meets Poonam Bajwa in a temple and as can be predicted by a toddler, they fall in love.

He seems to have matured quite well to play a mass hero. Debutant director V V Kathir who is in charge of story, screen play and direction should have taken extra care. Kathir, starring Jiiva and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles, whilst, Ganja Karuppu played a pivotal role. Santhosh goes around playing musical instruments, mouthing punchlines, and raping women left, right, and center.

Jeeva comes to Chennai from Madurai in search of employment. Kathir who earlier worked as an assistant to Seeman and Suryaprakash narrated the script to R. Kottai bashes Santhosh, not knowing that he is the son of Kailasam. Jeeva was on a penance longing for a commercial hit.

But Kottai, with the help of Suryaprakash, kills Kailasam and minister. Jeeva and Poonam again paired in Kacheri Arambam. Editorial Board, Behindwoods.

But the culprit clearly is V V Kathir, who's come up with a half-baked script that manages to destroy even Jeeva's credibility. Jeeva has played his part well. Srikanth Deva's music is largely forgettable. Srikanth Deva's music adds pep.

Debutant director V V Kathir who is in charge of story, screen play and direction should have taken extra care especially when this happens to be his first film. Anal Arasu, the stunt guy has realized the full potential of this action flick and had a blast. Srikanth Deva's music is pathetic. And so is a speedy screenplay. There is also a remarkably stupid and one-dimensionally portrayed minister Rajan P.

This is for purely for action buffs for whom realism is no issue at all! Meanwhile Ravi Kale's son Sabi who happens to a womanizer eyes Poonam Bajwa who somehow escapes his clutches. The plot starts off when Kottai Jeeva comes from Madurai to Chennai to eke out his livelihood.

He dances with joy and seems to have involved himself ardently in the role. Jeeva aims for a full-fledged action rung this time and impresses. Due to the film's poor response, Antony stopped producing films. Profile Change Password Logout.

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She is cool and poised on screen. Kanja Karuppu talks a lot in the name of comedy, but fails to tickle. The film ends with Kottai returning to his home. The racy tunes coupled with peppy beats makes the spectators tap their foot.

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Thenavattu is for people who just adore illogical masala flicks. The same old story of revenge, love, tipcam family sentiment returns in the name of Thenavattu produced by Sun Pictures. It's hard to believe that there are still audiences for films like Thenavattu. Tamil Hindi Telugu Malayalam.

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