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The Hook-Up Chapter 5

We stopped beside the bedroom door, and he reached for the handle with me, his big hand covering my own. He gently toed my calves apart and stood between my naked legs, his jeans brushing the backs of my thighs. Emir had a penis that was really, objectively, beautiful. He reached between my thighs to lay his hands on either side of my scrotum, then dragged his nails down the insides of my legs.

That felt intimately wrong. Sophie insightfully suggests that Neil consider participating in sexual submission in an effort to gain a positive memory with not being in control. His breath hitched, and his body rose against mine as he dove his fingers into my hair. The lubed rubber glided with his every flick and suck. He leaned down, his lips a millimeter from mine, his breath teasing me until it felt as though he would steal my own.

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The Hook-Up is all about Neil who submits for the second time in his life to a dom, mostly for Sophie to better understand her desire for submission. The Hook-Up is the perfect opening for Neil sexual proclivity of pure sin. Abigail enjoys long naps in fairy-filled glades, running through corridors in tragically romantic haunted castles, and drinking goblet after goblet of spiced wine.

Every step we took to the bedroom sent urgent, pounding desire through me, but I kept myself restrained. When his face pressed into the cleft of my ass, I rolled my lips between my teeth to hold back my moan. How many times had I ordered Sophie to do the very same thing? She is a proud Michigander, mother of two, and wife to the only person alive capable of spending extended periods of time with her without wanting to kill her. He knelt beside me on the bed to gently wash me.

My body seemed unable to come to a decision on holding my breath versus breathing at an alarmingly fast pace. It was a technique I used with Sophie sometimes. On the floor, beside the bed. He moaned, and his fingers dug into my back through my shirt.

Cover Reveal The Ex (The Boss 4) by Abigail Barnette

Listening to him rummage through the toy cabinet was damned difficult. Though taking charge is all he knows, Neil is willing to obey, at least for one night. It was a struggle to tell the difference between my nerves and my anticipation now. All the while I held myself open for him, my fingers digging into my flesh as I writhed and humped, moaned and begged.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He inhaled audibly, long and slow, making a decision. However the author tells me that Sophie is excited by it and that Neil has some sort of epiphany from the encounter so we'll see how it rolls out for the rest of the series.

He lifted his head, and I groaned in disappointment. In addition to this, now his daughter is marrying a man he does not approve of and again he has no control over the situation. One reason why I love this mini-series so much is that in the first book we really get the time to get acquainted with Neil and Sophie and how deeply they love each other.

The Hook-Up Chapter 4
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  2. He rolled his tongue lazily over the dam, alternating long strokes with a gentle tapping that sent a stuttering current of electric pleasure straight to the root of my cock.
  3. Now that it was awakened, that wicked, purely sexual part of my mind would not be denied, would not make any apologies for seeking pleasure and reveling in it.
  4. When the two men have dinner together, sparks fly, and Neil recognizes a rare opportunity to give sexual submission another try.
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Abigail Barnette (Author of The Boss)

My breath stalled, longing building painfully in my chest as he pulled himself free. He said my name, or I thought he had. Then, with the same intent focus, he clicked open the top of the lube bottle and added a few small drops to the inside of the condom, before rolling it on. When it seemed the silence and the waiting would be too much, Emir pulled his hand back and unzipped his jeans.

Abigail Barnette (Author of The Boss)

Emir sat on the edge of the bed, his shoes and socks slipped off, leaving him in his jeans and nothing else. He reached out, trailing his fingers down my cheek to cup my chin and lift my face up to meet his gaze. Emir sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me closer. This novella presents Neil's point of view and it is such a treat!

The Hook-Up (The Boss ) by Abigail Barnette

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His hiss of indrawn breath painted those imaginings with sharper clarity, and his other hand fell to the back of my head. So his insecurities because of all that in the face of Emir's youthful, vibrant beauty is understandable. Emir said nothing, asked nothing of me, speed dating in south for what seemed an eternity. Nice and hot mm short story.

Smashwords The Hook-Up a book by Abigail Barnette

But the anticipation of what he might do next wound me up, made me dizzy from excitement. It was exciting, seeing it from this perspective, and comfortingly familiar. In the other hand, he held a bottle of lube, and he checked that the top was firmly on before dropping it onto the duvet. It was more uncomfortable than I would have imagined, being in such a, well, a submissive position. He worked at me for a long time, prodding and swirling, withdrawing to repeat the actions externally.

Neil being bi-sexual has made him lose any and all sex appeal to me and reading about him being submissive after all the great scenes of him being dominant was just awful. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Her novel American Vampire was named one of the top ten horror novels of by Booklist Magazine Online. To say the man was in shape would have been akin to saying the Louvre had a few paintings in it. Anticipation sharpens the senses, legal age difference for tunes them in on their goal.

But a delayed flight and a hot one-night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine. Otherwise, this was just ok for me. This was a very sexy story about a trio of characters I have come to adore. And then his tongue slipped in, stretched the tight ring of muscle, teased it from the inside, and I made a noise so pathetic that it startled me. Now that I knew how heightened her need must have been in all of those moments, the hookup culture how an I was only more aroused by the memories.

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The Hook-Up by Abigail Barnette read online free Chapter 4

But a decades old trauma still haunts Neil. When a devastating diagnosis forces Neil to return to London, Sophie throws caution to the wind to follow her heart across the Atlantic. He took his time inspecting it, as though he were considering a diamond he was about to purchase. Well my husband didn't, afro american dating service only eighteen months after transplant.

The Hook-Up

The Hook-Up by Abigail Barnette read online free Chapter 5

With my shoulders back and my chest raised, I felt even more vulnerable than before. When the dam touched me, I nearly shot straight up from my bent-over position. Maybe because of the groupings, but also the lack of conflict.

This story was blood and lifeless. It was hot and this would of helped to what growth and change has happened between the three of them. Now, it was a relief to give up the responsibility, to let Emir care for me when I was far too tired to care for myself.

He tilted his face up, and I took that for the invitation it was. Just thinking of her in this context sent more blood pounding to my groin. His hand caught my wrist, and I let him pull me down. At that moment, my goal was do whatever it took to get Emir to let me come. And oh, how he made me wait, watching me wordlessly, letting the tension mount in tiny increments.

  • As quickly as my mind began to stray, the thoughts evaporated, lost under my responsibility to stay where I was and await instruction.
  • Although readers don't know Emir quite as well as Sophie and Neil yet, I suspect he won't be leaving the series anytime soon.
  • Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo.

Books by Abigail Barnette. As Abigail Barnette, Jenny writes award-winning erotic romance, including the internationally bestselling The Boss series. Abigail Barnette is the pseudonym of Jenny Trout, an author, blogger, and funny person. However the author tells me that Sophie is excited I'll start by stating I have jumped this book and read of this encounter in the next book.

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