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This an important point in the first season because in addition to loosing his wife, now Spartacus must take on the task of slaying his best friend. Spartacus is played by Andy Whitfield, nokia mobile sms tones an Australian native.

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Crassus attacks the rebel-occupied city, while Gannicus is trapped behind enemy lines. The conflict between Tiberius and Caesar intensifies. With Calavius dead and Solonius looking toward execution, Batiatus faces no rival impediments to his political ambitions. But after the Romans break their agreement with him, Spartacus disobeys and is sentenced to die in the gladiator arena. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide.

Pinned in on a snowbound, impassable ridge, Spartacus and Crixus fight over the method of escape. Spartacus and his army of outnumbered rebels make a final attempt to win their freedom against the Romans led by Marcus Crassus. As cancer consumed him, Andy Whitfield let a camera crew into his final months with his family.

Meanwhile, Crassus finds it challenging to control the actions of those closest to him. Spartacus manages to fight his way through The Pit. With Barca gone, Doctore suspects fowl play and Pietros is taken advantage of. Spartacus considers making a deal with a band of marauders to guarantee his people are taken care.

Spartacus solicits the other gladiators and slaves to revolt against Batiatus. Spartacus launches a bold assault to procure food and shelter for his followers, while Crassus raises a formidable army and welcomes a surprise visitor. Following this lost, Spartacus decides to focus on remaining a champion until he is put up against his best friend, Varro. Despite this, all he wishes is to see his wife again.

As time goes on and Spartacus trains and fights battles in the arena, he rises gradually in the ranks of Gladiator until he earns the title Champion of Capua. Blood and Sand is currently available to watch and stream on Starz.

Varro also receives some shocking news from a visit by his wife. Captured by the Romans as a deserter, his wife forced into slavery, the warrior is taken to Capua to be put to death by gladiators before the public.

List of Episodes in Season One

In the third season premiere, Spartacus witnesses growth and success when his army delivers a serious blow to Rome's fighting legions. Spartacus must endure the rigorous training inside the Ludus of Batiatus if he is to be reunited with his wife, Sura. Ilithyia unknowingly beds Spartacus and loses control when discovered and humiliated by Lucretia and Licinia. Crixus resumes his training, while Ashur, newly relieved of his leg brace, is forbidden by Batiatus to resume his own gladiator training.

This was during the time that a serious uprising of the slaves against the Roman Republic took place. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. The legend of the gladiator Spartacus begins as he is betrayed by the Roman general Claudius Glaber and sentenced to execution in the Gladiatorial Arena.

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To celebrate his passing into manhood, Numerius requests an exhibition match between Spartacus and Crixus. They're hoping their campaign can be the latest to demonstrate the power of Kickstarter to make art supported by the patrons who want it. The shocking truths behind Batiatus are finally revealed.

Ilithyia gives Numerius a surprising gift, but asks for something in return. Batiatus has trouble repaying back debts owed to Ovidius, and then an attempt is made on his life in the pits by unknown men. The Girlfriend Experience. His sentence is changed from death to slavery. Trail Of Blood - Behind the Scenes.

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Tensions rise high as Crixus slowly recovers, and Ilithyia presents new deception by manipulating Segovax to do her bidding. Meanwhile, Crassus forces Tiberius to plan a celebration for a man he loathes. Contributors Become a contributor. Crassus discovers it increasingly difficult to control the actions of those closest to him. Lucy Lawless Heading to Agents of S.

The possible infiltration of a Roman spy causes tension to mount between Spartacus and his men. Batiatus, the gladiator master, promises to find Sura, while Spartacus must face Crixus to pass his trials. Crassus resurrects a long abandoned form of Roman punishment to teach his soldiers a brutal lesson.

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Licinia meets with Lucretia to arrange an intimate visit with Spartacus. When news arrives that Sura will arrive at the Ludus, Spartacus plans their escape. With their armies trapped on an impassable, snowbound ridge, Spartacus and Crixus clash over their plans to escape.

Fear of Roman retribution upon his fellow slaves becomes the sole motive preventing Spartacus from seeking revenge on his master. They leave for Rome, to build a slave army and to destroy the Roman Republic. Spartacus plays the part of an honored roman in the arena and fights against six men at once. The plan to take out the house of Batiatus completely is foiled when Spartacus is put up against Crixus, someone he had enlisted to help in his revenge.

List of Episodes in Season One

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However, Spartacus wins the fight in the arena and is bought by Batiatus to train in his Ludus. Blood and Sand on demand at Google Play, iTunes online. The first season of the series was titled Blood and Sand. The Blood and Sand season follows Spartacus after he is captured and sentenced to death. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Sura is played by Erin Cummings, an America native. Christian Antidormi Tiberius. Spartacus is to fulfill duties as champion by satisfying desires of Licinia, the richest woman in Rome, while Crixus is asked to please Ilithyia.

Spartacus and Crixus face certain death in the arena if they can't learn to fight as one when they face the unbeaten Theokoles, the shadow of death. Spartacus continues his victory in the arena, while Batiatus purchases new slaves at market to be trained as gladiators. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. He looses his wife, Sura, who he does not know was murdered by the very person who bought her to reunite her with Spartacus.

Batiatus approves the ceremony to happen at his villa, along with a full showing of his gladiators. Lists of American drama television series episodes Spartacus television series. Betrayal threatens to ruin everything.