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They get a whole new vision of what can happen to them. He may be able to keep up appearances, but a real Christian life is only possible with an active prayer life.

When there are good motivations not to cause harm, and a dependency on God's hand for strength and protection then God is eager to answer prayers like this. It bothers me a lot when people try to predict God's behavior based on just one verse or passage. This I know I am guilty of.

He had some good thoughts and insights. This petition has radically changed what I expect from God and what I experience every day by his power. The following in closing is the Lord's prayer from the Message paraphrase. For Wilkinson, the prayer has become the secret to success in every endeavor. Our church read this together.

Therefore, the experiences of men are exalted above the Word of God according to Wilkinson. Are you ready to reach for the extraordinary?

He even tells a story about someone seemingly on a tour of heaven who finds a box of blessings that they didn't ask for and therefore didn't receive. David Kopp David Kopp is a writer and editor living in Oregon. Let your hand be with me, and keep me from the evil one. It's a quick and easy read.

The Prayer of Jabez

You'll see how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live. He went to the Mount of the Transfiguration to pray, and he prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane. Or what if God is ultimately more glorified through your suffering than your prosperity? He said God will prune you to make you bear more fruit not sure how his exegesis of Joh It's easy to beat up Wilkinson this book.

In his review of this book, Doug Wilson says that it's not as bad as many people say. More in Breakthrough Series.

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Hey, during one of those encounters I even read this book, and praying the Jabez prayer to get this girl didn't work either. That pattern is very close to the Catholic tradition of the novena, where a person prays the same prayer every day for nine days in the hopes of achieving something.

Jabez appears as a brie Picked up a cheap copy somewhere. Somehow I get the impression that Wilkinson prayed the prayer in this book, decided to then write a book about how it works, and made a mint doing so. This book is not for those who are not destitute or not in lack in some way or who do not need God to enlarge your territory in any way. Okay, we may ask God for a lot of things, but how often do we pause to say thankyou? He is the founder of WorldTeach, a global initiative to train Bible teachers in every nation.

Editor s PicksThe Prayer of Jabez - How to Receive God s Promises

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. This book is a maddening simplification of prayer - at best.

A Dangerous Book

To be blunt, if we turn prayer into a method of conjuring success then all of the sudden prayer ceases to be prayer. This is pretty much the worst book I've ever read. This prayer to me and I believe to others who get it is saying, Lord not my will, but give me the territory you want me to have to make the biggest impact for You.

The prayer of Jabez is all about me, me, me. Personally, I can't give any perfect formula on answered prayer just as I can't give any perfect formula for getting things out of your boss. The book unashamedly deviates greatly from historic Christian teaching on prayer that is consistent with the Word of God and the Reformed confessions and catechisms. Jabez was one of the least of his tribe, and according to the custom, had been named what according to what his parents wished for his destiny, beyonc if i were a boy and they obviously did not expect much out of him.

You have to read through this book a few times to fully understand what the verse is all about. Some followers were drawn to the prayer in cult-like devotion, using it in a repetitive manner as a mantra. For instance, the overcoming of fears or mindsets.

Have a question about this product? Prayer is communication and relation building with God. All in all, definitely not anywhere near the extreme prosperity, name it and claim it teachings. There was Joshua, who defeated the armies of many nations in order to give the land to Israel.

So, essentially, Jabez is praying for happiness, wealth, success and an easy life. The prayer of Jabez tells us to think only of ourselves. When our territory gets bigger we are reaching more people for God. The life of Jabez, one of the Bible's most overlooked heroes of the faith, bursts from unbroken pages of genealogies in an audacious, four-part prayer that bri. Bruce Wilkinson is recognized as one of the world's foremost Christian teachers and speakers.

Has anyone in your group prayed in the past for their own success, and if so, did God answer that prayer? Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. Jabez wants to succeed and increase his sphere of influence for God. Picked up a cheap copy somewhere.