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Provision and remotely configure apps for specific employees with no user intervention. For example, to witness the details of a running app, touch or swipe to the Running tab and choose an app from the list. The developer has fixes some bugs in the previous version and he has added the compatibility to the Android Pie devices.

Enroll devices in bulk with full management and no manual setup. Plus, it's completely free, with no hidden payments. But if you have Magisk Manager tool on the device, you can just hide the root and use these apps. It had its ups and downs over the years. Browse discover and distribute apps and manage app permissions.

It also does not have a Find My Phone feature in case you lose your device, which means you'll need Android Device Manager for that. There are also a bunch of plugins that add even more functionality as needed. You'll have unmitigated root access as long as your device is rooted to do as you please.

This is the absolute upper limit for how many features a file manager app can include before it can be considered bloated. Reading and replying to text messages works well too, although MightyText is still our preferred client. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Entering their corporate credentials. What is the Legal Status of Android Rooting?


Internal storage is a good idea because the app stays with the tablet and is always available. It has a simple backup and restore button, and it can be set to automatically backup whenever you connect your device.

How to Manage Your Android Tablet Apps with the Applications Manager

And the Magisk Manager is the mods manager tool that allows you to install them from a merged interface. MiXplorer Silver is the newest file manager on the list. On some Samsung tablets, rockwell first touch the General tab and then choose the Application Manager item. Android rooting is now legal in all countries all over the world.

To view more information about an app, choose a category and then touch the app. So if you want to use those on your rooted device, you have to unroot the device.

How to Manage Your Android Tablet Apps with the Applications Manager

About the only negative part is the lack of root access. Work only Personally-enabled Dedicated.

It might be the best one on Android. Kinja is in read-only mode. Android offers the flexibility of using full device management with a work profile. The amazing functionality of this application gives you the best rooting experience for the devices. The app doesn't have a free version, so make sure you try it before the refund time runs out to make sure you like it.

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However, it's always been a solid choice. Host private apps on Google Play or self-host on premise and publish them to employee devices.

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The Best Desktop Manager for Android

This button disassociates the app from certain file types. It's free to download and use with optional in-app purchases in case you want to help fund development.

If you have a rooted smart device, you must have to pass the Google SafetyNet check to use some of the Play Store apps on your device. Those updates bring a newer interface, more features, and better stability than its earliest incarnations.

Most of the features do exactly what they say. The go-to tool for apps Securely manage, configure and deploy third-party and internal apps.

Following the setup wizard to complete setup of work profile. This is the one we recommend first. If you skipped this step, you will have to enable it when you are trying to install the downloaded Magisk tool.

Metago, the developer, has a beta version as well if you want to try the latest features faster. Securely manage, configure and deploy third-party and internal apps. You see details about the app, most of which are quite technical in nature. He is the one who updates the application for upper versions and distributes the tool all over the world.

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Your source for all things Android! The Windows client especially is a low-maintenance way to manage the basics of your Android phone. So you can root your favorite smartphone, phablet or tablet without any doubt on your mind.

Touch the Refund button to uninstall the paid app and get your money back. Therefore, it is a risk-free application for all the Android devices. Magisk Manager is an Android-based software application that allows you to manage the systemless modules and root privileges.