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But if you used San Andreas Mod installer it automaticly backs it up. San Andreas Mod Installer This one is another automatic mod installer. In this guide I am only showing how to install cars. Rebuild You can rebuild your img archive. Download weapon mod from here or another website.

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Now what ever car you need to replace find in there and delete it. Reload You can reload the current opened img file - sometimes it can be useful. If you baught the game recently that should be your case.

Once you have it selected delete it. Then you can select the items which you want to insert.

How do i install img tool for gta san andreas on pc

Go to San Andreas Directory and then modles. This is very useful, if you want insert many items, because you don't need delete the items by yourself. Can I bring my pc on a plane? It should also say what mod you need to replace.

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How to download batman arkham knight for pc? If you have minumum space just back up the files you need. This is useful, if you want check that your img file hasn't missing entries and so the game should not crash!

Look at the file and see what the name is. Uploader TheDebonairNomad. What does a power supply for a gaming pc do? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

The compare-file is a file, in which are all possible img entries of an img file are listed per each line. You can import one or more items into the. And then the new window show open and click ok.

Click on installer then click on install a car package. Then a Car Mod discription and click on install. Well if you have the first version and your mods arn't working just use the back up you should of made of the. It should now be installed! Search You can search for items inside the img archive.

How do i install img tool for gta san andreas on pc

Rename You can rename an item in the img archive. Once downloaded Install it. Export The standard export feature. Select the car you want to install. Is a ssd really that much faster than a hard drive?

Import The standard import feature. But if you didn't back it up you can download them from here.

You can export one or more items out of the. Compare You can compare your current img file with an compare-file. And do what you did with the handling and it should be installed! Then on the second one select the mod you downloaded. How can I type a letter on my pc I don't have word?

How do i install img tool for gta san andreas on pc

Theese are the Requirements. If you don't want to download it then you will have to reinstall it or try to reinstall the mod.

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In the Zip you downloaded there should be a or more. The Handling should be there automaticly if not get it from the readme in the zip file. And it should be installed!

Once you find it copy the one in the read me and highlight the other one and paste to replace. Once downloaded install it. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. This file is required for installing modifications such as cars, skins, weapons and several other items within the game.

In image Tool go to edit, zanjeer 2013 full movie find and type the file name in. How do i install img tool for gta san andreas on pc?