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Each dinosaur you hunt will respond to your presence differently, requiring you to alter your attack strategy based on the behavior it displays. Dinosaurs can either regain health by killing a human with their bite attack or by eating from Iguanodon carcasses which are scattered across the island. You can also utilize camouflage and an item that covers your scent if you want to go for the stealthier approach.

You can choose from three types of cavemen to train- hunters, gatherers, and preparers- allowing for different strategies to be utilized depending on your preferred type of play style. The sandbox mode allows you to play cooperatively and join packs of other players as you attempt to take down other dinosaurs, or you can go rogue and pick off those roaming alone across the map. The longer you are able to withstand the swarms of enemies, the more money you will earn at the end of the mission. Here is a predatory dinosaur eating its prey after a fresh kill. You will explore the forests, fields, mountains and oceans of Primal Eden.

Double jump over huge gaps and try your best not to fall into lava. Fire projects heat to everything around it and it can spread to nearby vegetation, causing forest fires. Items and currency can be collected with each level that is completed, and are used to craft or buy new equipment. Between each conquered wave of enemies you have the chance to purchase new equipment to give yourself a better chance at defeating the next wave of deadly dinosaurs.

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As you traverse the world of The Isle, you must keep a constant eye on your hunger, thirst, and stamina levels. As the title suggests, Caveman Craig is a simple caveman trying to survive in a world full of hostile tribes and rampaging dinosaurs. You are Takkar, a hunter that became stranded after most of his party was attacked and killed by a Saber-Toothed Tiger. Collect hidden dinosaur eggs, compile a photo album of scenes from your adventure, and encounter funny characters along the way. If you let the dinosaur live, it can go on to lay its eggs and continue the species.

Choose from a surplus of deadly weapons to take down the dinosaurs or rip, stomp and tear through your pathetic human enemies. The Cannibals are humans native to the Island, and use weapons like spears and bows to hunt and survive in the environment. The game has short levels so you can get back to where you were quickly.

The Mercenaries will be humans armed with vast amounts of weaponry, their main goal being to take down everything on the island before it kills them. You earn Engram points every time you level up.

Swing from vines and beat up prehistoric creature with your bat. Assault gives you access to a jetpack, Support allows you to heal allies, vehicles and the generator, and Recon has the ability to become invisible for short amounts of time. Search for long-lost dinosaurs and discover the legendary T. It is set in a primitive world where dinosaurs reign supreme.

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Thunder and lightning can also trigger forest fires. You can play in two different game modes. Be careful building fires and using torches.

You can choose from several different dinosaurs to play as, with the option to be a typically peaceful herbivore, or a more aggressive and predatory carnivore. Dinosaur Hunt lets you do just that- hunt down and kill dinosaurs with a number of different weapons. You will encounter realistic survival situations and track how your character is affected by their time on the island. Relax with the time trial mode or pick up the excitement with endless mode. Dino D-Day looks a lot like Call of Duty with dinosaurs.

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Your main goal is to explore and discover new things every day on the island. Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. Assault, Support, and Recon. On each level you must build up your tribe and teach them skills to survive so you can take over the rival clan and claim their cave.

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Shoot eggs at the puzzles to match the colors and break them off the screen in rows of three. Play Dynomite, a colorful Pop Cap favorite featuring the hilarious dino characters you can't help but love. As an Axis player, you get to choose from three human classes and three dinosaur classes. Prelude, and is currently in early access on Steam.

With four different gaming modes - endless, timed, fossil challenge, and stomped - every type of gamer will find what they're looking for. Dinosaur Hunter, this game is more hunting simulator than it is pumping waves of dinosaurs full of lead.

No matter the year, dinosaurs will always prove to be creatures that spark our imagination. However, the dinosaurs have more health, deal more damage, and move faster than the humans. In Dino Rage Defense, a unique tower defense challenge, you need to use modern weaponry to fight off hordes of prehistoric creatures.

The game features story missions and a plentiful amount of side quests. Whatever you're in the mood for, avg antivirus software for laptop Dynomite is your game. Play mahjong with a fresh twist and enjoy the special levels and unique gameplay now!

As a human, you can choose to kill the last of a species of dinosaurs for food or let it live. There are back packs scattered around the planet with weapons and ammo to aid you in your mission.

There is a large, open world to explore and attempt to survive in, filled with vicious wildlife and deadly humans. Join Diego, his sister Alicia, and Baby Jaguar on an amazing journey to the land of dinosaurs. The genre of dinosaur games is still growing, and the possibilities of what new ways we can virtually inhabit their world make for a promising future.

So get caught up with stomping free fun today! Make your way through the adventurous landscape by solving a series of exciting mini games.

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