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Mallee Mallee Padali Ee Pata. Chekumukhi Ravva Chinaboyindi.

Patnam Vachina Pativrathalu. Ye kavilo merasina premageetamo. Srinivas acknowledged on the stage that he was inspired by Sarada Akunuri's nava rasaalu concept that she had earlier hosted in one of her Houston Radio shows and also on her Facebook.

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Vedamla Ghoshinche Godavari. He joked before the song that while the previous song by Ramu required him Ramu to sing without taking breath, this song would require him Durvasula to sing with lots of breathing! In the end, Srini thanked every one for making this event a grand success. Let's discuss this question. Sailaja, another upcoming classical trained singer provided him able support in this song.

Ramu has brought that wonder to us tonight and left everyone wondering whether they were listening to Ramu or Balu himself! Kanthi to the stage to feliciate the lead singers Ramu and Sarada. His rendering was so moving that an elderly woman in her sixties in the audience kept weeping, as this song reminded her late husband, who used to sing this song for her. He was equally popular in Kannada as well.

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The rights belong to respective owners. For the jyOthi prajwalanam lighting of lamp this time, he invited the guest of honor, Venu Aasuri, to the stage along with anchor Vijaya and singer Sarada President of Houston Telugu Association. Srini dedicated this song to guest of honor, Venu Aasuri. Chellapilla Sathyanarayana Rao was born in Parvathipuram, Srikakulam dt.

Ee Radha Chivariki Emaina. He was born in Gunanupuram village in Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh. The question is interesting, I too will take part in discussion. Time to pump some adrenaline! Nanna Rosha Nooru Varusha.

Srini, who is very passionate about this song, took a special interest in compiling two padhyams in particular, kaluva pUla padhyam is rarely found on the internet in to a single track. Some of the audience complimented Sarada that it was one of her best performances so far.

One thing that strikes anyone in Ramu is his humbleness and genuineness, especially for someone as accomplished as he is. Yamini did an excellent job in song which requires lot of continuous singing and AlApana humming by the female singer.

Ye divilo ye divilo virisina parijatamo song paarijaatamo. Prasad Mangina, who is also a capable singer, sps made his stage appearance for the main segment. It is easy to get lost in a long concert especially a very long one like this. Narayanan supported her with his imitation of American accent.

This segment featured several talented singers from the local community including some who also participated in the main segment later. He sang it so beautifully and, like Balu, he also displayed his mastery of Tamil language by singing the second charanam in Tamil. It is time for a series of solos now. Throughout his career Balu sang not only for all heroes of multiple generations but for several comedians as well and defined a whole genre of comedy songs.

A divilo virisina parijatamo songYe Divilo Virisina Mp3 Download S. Janaki

Balu himself is a wonder that is not likely to happen again in our lifetime. Thank you Balu gaaru, your illustrious career has made this night possible for all your fans here!

Krishna Rayasam has once again proved his mastery of classical songs with his a perfect rendering of this complex song. After so much entertainment and smiles, how about some scare? Kiran Prabha presented the memento to Ramu while Kanthi presented the memento to Sarada.

He has acted in some plays with popular writer Rajasri and others at Vizianagaram. Evaremannanu Todu Rakunna male.

Enjoy the songs and let me know if I am missing any other mellifluous melodies of this great un-sung hero. To round up the nine rasams, Darbha came back for his last song of the concert.

Ye divilo virisina parijatamo song