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Dyrobes A Revolution in Rotor Dynamics Software

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Compumedics ProFusion neXus Backup. The lowest speed at which the natural frequency is first encountered is called the first critical speed, but as the speed increases, additional critical speeds are seen. If the amplitude of vibration at these critical speeds is excessive, then catastrophic failure occurs. The Jeffcott rotor is a mathematical idealization that may not reflect actual rotor mechanics.

New Features and Improvements

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Dyrobes is a complete rotordynamics software tool that is powerful and versatile, yet easy to learn. Dyrobes was created by Wen Jeng Chen, Ph. Dyrobes, while extremely powerful, secrets the book is easy to use and contains many features that allow for modeling multi-level complex rotors and support structures. The software combines an intuitive Windows-based interface with sophisticated modeling and analysis capabilities that can satisfy the most demanding industry requirements.

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