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What a terrific performance from Mr. Globalization of Asian Cinemas. Few of his movies offered elaborate song and dance numbers like those favored today.

The older son could not forget this and became a sensitive person. Vijay struggles as a dockworker. Salim-Javed's script was also daring detour from the mainstream in more ways than one. She should have been given more screen time.

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Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Now take Vijay's slim, slender body and his first fight with the dockyard gangsters behind locked doors! The film cemented the success of the writing duo Salim-Javed, who went on to write many more blockbuster films. To the small but fiercely loyal group of Amitabh fans, Deewaar is and will always be his best performance. Before I talk, I need to know if I am talking to a brother or a police officer?

Shashi Kapoor was impressive as the confused brother. The world searches for words to describe this man! Yet Deewaar is certainly a mainstream Bollywood film. Bachchan's character Vijay was loosely inspired by the real-life Bombay underworld gangster Haji Mastan.

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He saw the moist eyes of Haji Mastan and was quite impressed with them. It is a mostly faithful remake, with many of the same scenes and dialogues, but set in Hong Kong and with notable differences reflecting Chinese culture. Everything was of the highest from the script right down to the performances. The restoration took place in Shemaroo studios. Every scene, every dialogue, each moment of this cult classic has a high repeat value just like the Sholay released the same very year.

Its all credit to Amitabh for that. Every once in several decades comes a movie that breaks all the norms and still manages to become not only a runaway success but also an established classic. The Late Nirupa Roy gives a Magnificent Performance as the mother who goes through hardship and dilemma.

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Deewar won almost every single award in the Filmfare Awards. At that time, Vijay gets into a fight with some goons of an underworld don seeing the injustice shown to a poor worker by the latter which results in the worker's death. Most of the other scenes too are awesome. The style of fighting seen in Deewaar combined kung fu as it was perceived by Indians with Indian martial arts particularly Indian wrestling.

Seeing it today and realising that he was still in the early stages of his career makes one wonder how he could have got even better since this movie. In the end, that may be the biggest tribute Hindi cinema can pay to this all-time, genuinely inimitable classic. He quickly rises to become the smuggler's right hand man and becomes rather wealthy as a result. Even today when I switch channels at home and find this in any, I can't but help watching a scene or two.

He also hopes to seek forgiveness from his mother and brother. But his brother became a cop and he's now trying to nab his brother.

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As long a brother speaks, a brother would listen. Deewaar is also remembered for its iconic dialogues written by Salim-Javed. In return, he is humiliated and ostracized by his community.

Deewar was made close to the start of the Amitabh Bachchan phenomenon, and contributed no small amount to it. After watching movies like Deewar, Trishul and Kabhi Kabhi, i always baffles about the current choice of Chopra camp. Deewar was not like Sholay at all, even though it was written by the famous duo writers as mentioned. The only downside were the songs, xmas wishes there were only a few hummable tunes.

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In contrast, Ravi, disgusted by repeated rejections in a job market powered by nepotism, decides to enroll in the police force. This is a hard hitting, classic movie, which is worth watching when ever one is able to. One of Amitabh's finest work. The writer duo of Saleem-Javed has created some of the most memorable lines and one of the most fascinating films in the history of Asian cinema.

The qawali song picturised on Aruna Irani was shot and added after the film was complete, as Producer Gulshan Rai was sckeptical about the film working as it didn't have many songs. The leading man has no songs in the movie. This divide causes problems in their relationship. His family is also persecuted by the angry workers. Finally, the leading man is an atheist albeit superstitious.

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Thirty years after its release, Deewaar remains one of the most famous movies Bollywood has ever produced. There are some movies you watch and you remember them for your life. They are art work not an art film. Ravi is an excellent student. Out of shame, Anand leaves town, leaving Sumitra to care for their sons alone in poverty.

Deewaar is often considered a ground-breaking cinematic masterpiece. Excellent performance of Amitabh which proves that his acting is near real and momentarily you forget that you are still only watching celluloid. Watch Our Exclusive Interview. How the makers got away with it and why did they choose not to show it in linear form is still a mystery.