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To stay alive, Croc must maintain a supply of gems. According to Keating, Croc was given a single fang protruding from his mouth in reference to his pet house cat at the time who shared the same characteristic. Aside from the standard jump, review movie sites Croc can climb walls and move hand-over-hand under floating grids. Yes this game is free video game and for Computer. The game's levels were divided into several sub-sections due to hardware limitations at the time and Argonaut's desire to not have to deal with creating convincing depth perception.

Croc 2 PC Game - Free Download Full Version

Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings. The company was initially enthusiastic about the game, according to San, with Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto expressing particular fascination with the project. The game follows Croc as he once again ventures to defeat Baron Dante, who has captured an old inventor Gobbo, while simultaneously searching for his long-lost parents. Welcome To CheckGamingZone.

After being turned down by Nintendo, Argonaut sought the creation of a new character to take the place of Yoshi. Make sure you read the above link before downloading!

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Please see below screenshots and system requirements to understand you, Can you able to play this game on pc? After completing a certain number of levels in a village, a boss level is opened up, which allows access to the next village when completed. While collecting the Gobbos is not mandatory to completing the game, doing so is nonetheless necessary in order to face against the game's final boss and unlock the game's true ending.

The protagonist is a reptilian crocodile with a chipmunk voice on a mission to save his cute-n-fuzzy Gobbo friends from the Baron Dante. Blazing Renderer engine games. Mail will not be published required. Legend of the Gobbos falls somewhere in between.

Certain levels feature involve riding a vehicle through a course, including a race car, a speedboat, a hang glider, a hot air balloon and a giant snowball among others. Legend of the Gobbos is a platform video game developed by Argonaut Games and published by Fox Interactive. If Croc is hurt while he has no crystals, the player loses a life and is sent back to the beginning of the segment of the level they are currently in. For the similarly named Game Boy Color game, see Croc video game. Adding to the replay value are five colored gems scattered throughout each board, which will unlock a secret door after you collect them all.

This is the moment the deal fell apart. We mocked up a prototype using Yoshi. Trapped in the Future Heart of Darkness Pandemonium.

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King Rufus, the leader of a furry race of creatures called the Gobbos, is watching the sunrise over Gobbo Valley when he sees a large, woven basket carrying a baby crocodile floating down the river. Justin Scharvona composed the game's music, while Jonathan Aris provided the voice of Croc.

Rescuing every Gobbo before a boss level in each world unlocks a secret level that can be completed in order to collect a jigsaw puzzle piece. You can select from three fixed viewpoints, but none of them are really useful in most jumping situations. Legend of the Gobbos instruction booklet.

Legend of the Gobbos instruction booklet Sega Saturn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aris came in to Argonaut's studio to do the role and recorded all of his dialogue within an hour, according to Cusworth.

Is this game is free and for Pc? Legend of the Gobbos was considered a commercial success for Argonaut, with the PlayStation version of the game selling over a million copies in the U. Judging your leaps takes some getting used to, and the only way you can really tell where your character is going to land is by keeping tracks on his shadow.

Croc 2 (PC) Video Game Review