Commando Game Behind Enemy Lines

Use your points to save on the stuff you want in-store. Get rid of them with the injection. Get out of cover to the right of the wall and fire on the tank patrolling there, since your turret is already positioned you should be able to destroy it as soon as you click the mouse button on it. Move the corpse to the right of the tent.

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Wait until the guard in front of the cannon is going back north-east, run and go stab the distracted guard from behind. Bring them behind the stack of wires. You heavily outnumbered so, if I were you, I would hamper the enemy by capturing a Truck and destroying it in the entrance to block the way.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines (PC) System Requirements

Most of them can be taken out one at a time. Use the Lethal Injection to get rid of them. Move the corpse to your team's position. Use the Sniper to kill the soldier in the northern corner near the tents.

Commandos is also the kind of game that teaches you to save your games periodically. While I like Commandos a lot, there are a couple of features I simply do not like. As a last resort to foil the Nazi efforts, the Prime Minister authorized the deployment of a squad of elite soldiers, iec 61131 the Commandos. The best thing about this game is that you have to make a plan of action for the whole game and then you have to enact.

Eidos has managed to take the drama of classic Hollywood war blockbusters and molded them all into one entertaining, if highly demanding, computer game. Move the corpse behind the fuel stacks Make sure nobody sees you on the way!

Kill him with the injection and hide his corpse as near to the house as you can Where nobody should see him. After the first is killed by the trap, activate the decoy to distract the other two. Using the rank of the uniform he is wearing, the Spy will distract guards to look away from thier normal points, distraction can be maintained indefinetly. The ability to translate the Germans messages. Wait until you've got an opportunity, then run and stab the patrolling guard, pick up the corpse and use the box as your cover to maneuver around the patrol group.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. This will put them away from the escape route when the explosives go off. When all is clear, destroy the two Stukas and get everyone aboard the plane which will take them to safety.

When he's near the lure, get out and stab him. The Green Beret and Marine begin north of a fishing village. To see all of our delivery options click here. The Green Beret is a silent killer and the only one who can carry barrels. You use the phones at the base of the mountain to distract the guards, we also noticed that many entrances are mined, check the patrol of the guards and watch before you leap!

Clear out the entire building of enemies as well as the surrounding area for a total of ten kills for this phase. Wait until the patrol group passes by and is out of range of the lure. When they're investigating the lure, use the injection to kill them both.

Behind Enemy Lines is a terrific game. However, if you can get the Driver to the tank, it will make this phase a lot easier.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines PC Game Overview

Armed with a Gatling Gun for close-range and a normal Cannon For long-range. Move the corpse to the north of the camp Where your team is. With good timing, you should kill him before he turns back to you. This took much longer than simply shutting down the power to the electrified fence around the camp, so Inferno could cut it and sneak in.

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Return to your starting position and unload the pneumatic boat, make everyone board it and go near the open gate. Detonate the explosive as the vehicle drives over it. To get rid of or stay as low as possible. Wait until he sees the corpse and go investigate, kill him on the way.

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You must use the Spy to distract soldiers while the Green Beret kills others in order to clear out the entire power station and get the two sets of explosives. Back in when it came out, I played it so much that I knew how to beat each mission my eyes closed not literally of course, but you know what I mean.

Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time strategy war game which continues the series intense and addictive tactical combat. Your mission is to destroy a radar station near Herdla's airfield to blind the enemy's coast defenses and give major reasons to worry for the enemy. Following are the main features of Commando Behind Enemy Lines Free Download that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines (PC) System Requirements

The Sapper must plant the last explosive next to the cannon. This mission is not easy, you'll need to establish a perfect coordination between all of your team. Shoot the first tank with the main gun and kill the patrol and any reinforcements coming out of the barracks.

Finally, you must send all of your men to the patrol boat at the dock which will take them to safety. An alarm will sound and reinforcements will come pouring out of the barracks. Use a grenade on the patrol. However, you will only need the Green Beret for this phase. This guide includes a brief strategy for each of the twenty missions with key tactics described.

One of the guards to the right will see it and come investigate. Strategy fans are sure to enjoy the intricate planning and execution of utilizing the teams special skills to overcome obstacles and bring down the Nazi war machine. Don't forget to pick up the lure. The captain Gregor McRae, of the Royal Air Force, has been shot down while he was doing a surveillance flight over the German positions and was taken prisoner near the airfield of El Agheila. The Green Beret is excellent with a knife and camouflage.

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