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Do you remember which was the recording session that Karen and you enjoyed the most? We postponed two major tours, the European and the Japanese. The first time one heard the recording, he or she for a split second, would think it was done. They have a special place in our hearts, as Karen was born only two weeks before my wife! You can contact me through the contact page on this website.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Karen and Richard opened for John Denver. Battle for the Planet of the Apes Virgil. Did you have this in mind when you initially arranged it or were the oboes added after the basic tracks were recorded? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Petersburg, Florida, Bayfront Center. Just for kicks, as it built up in the track we built up in our voices and made it louder. Freddie King was a big influence. Did you and Karen keep in contact with him after this time?

Plus the tour was a tour of television appearances instead of live performances. Are they in a museum, the hall of fame, or in a trap case in a warehouse somewhere? However, I can do much, much better without a single overlap, either. The inspirational songs lyrics are chosen for the messages they contain, rather than whether or not they are popular in the music charts.

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From the album

The Derek and the Dominos version was the theme song of an era and unrecognizable from the acoustic version he did for Unplugged. At this time most albums by major artists had included ten songs anyway. No, I didn't have oboe in mind originally.

When they were singing Close To You, my Mom leaned over to me and told me they were singing about me. Sometimes where you try and sing exactly the same note over a previously recorded note, there is a clash in the two voices because the frequencies are identical. My dad had a music store in Eugene, Oregon and he was on the committee. Who Was Mr Tambourine Man? For Karen and me it was a hoot, other than our mom inadvertently embarrassing the hell out of us on two or three occasions.


We wondered if Richard could shed any light on this? All autograph requests must be accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope. Meditations for a Miraculous Life - Marianne Williamson. There were no seats but we all sat on the floor.

At one point Karen came off the stage and walked down the aisle into the audience. Would love to hear your thoughts. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents. She had a delicious voice that touched your heart.

What was The Carpenters very last live concert like? Remembering The Carpenters. Like many, I grew up with the Carpenters. The world misses you, Karen! And I will, michael jackson heal the world instrumental mp3 because I want nothing more than to share with people the man and the music that rocked my world when I first listened and continues to fuel my fire to this day.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. We would spend hours a day, all three of us, then I'd spend additional hours on new songs and arrangements. This was my first concert and to this day I do not know how my daddy scored those tickets!

Could you tell me if this award is authentic. She later re-recorded the song for her album, The Bluegrass Sessions. Believe should be Boston Symphony Hall. After several hours of compiling this list I am happy to present this to you.

We, of course, were born into middle class suburbia, and the version we heard was Jo Stafford's, as the Hank Williams version was hard-core country, and not played on pop stations. Gosh I miss her sweet voice and gentle demeanor. My first concert was the Carpenters Feb. He was great, And the carpenters played every instrument you could think of. He had no idea why, but liked it and asked our opinion.

Regarding the fade- you always leave yourself enough extra length on a fade. The Muppet Movie Music Department. How did you like your Road Runner?

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Live in Japan Live at the Palladium. No tour has lasted so long. She not only had the most beautiful voice I ever Heard she was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Grandstand venue in the rodeo arena!

The whole show was phenominal. Always seen in crimson sunglasses. How much of Paul Williams's work have you seen? No, however it is something to think about, albeit for small coffee tables, as the collection is not that big.


It was right after Richard had a motorcycle accident that fractured both wrists and a leg according to news clippings. It was our first concert and I am happy to say that I am still a fan and we both still love The Carpenters. My bride and I also attended their concert at Oklahoma State in Stillwater. So the two voices sometimes have to be ever so slightly out compared to each other, but just enough so that they remain in consonant pitch with each other.

Everything I want the world to be Is now coming true especially for me And the reason is clear It's because you are here You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen. Inspirational Song Lyrics Menu.

Do you remember the moment when the idea came to you and can you speak to the inspiration for it? Man, I wish I could remember the date.

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