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At the carnival, Billa is betrayed by Ram and is brutally attacked. Dimitri seeks out the help of Koti, Satish, and Praveen to eliminate David. Meanwhile, in Russia, Dimitri is having an auction of his weapons, and Koti is present with him. After an intense battle, Billa kills Dimitri.

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Later he learns of his sister death and brings his niece Jasmine Parvathy Omanakuttan with him. The crew, however, carried on shooting and later reshot the complete sequence with the snowy background to maintain the continuity.

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Billa, surprised and enraged at his ingratitude, walks away with Ranjith. Rajasekhar handled the cinematography and Suresh Urs worked as the editor. Rajasekhar choreographed the fight sequences in Hyderabad and Goa. After all, it is his film all the way!

Billa while being held to the ground and is mocked at by Satish, who slits Jasmine's throat. Download Latest Tamil Songs. However, Billa is freed by threatening the judge and his family. Billa, Ranjith, and Ram Sarath Mandava plot to venture into the drug business on their own during the carnival.

Jayan visits Selvaraj and asks him if he could help in selling off the heroin he had brought along with him. After coming out Billa rescues her niece from Koti's men and informs Sameera to take Jasmine to safety. Billa and Koti travel to Russia to meet Dimitri, who happens to own an arms and ammunition manufacturing unit. The album consists of six tracks, five songs and a theme music track. Thiruppugazh Tamil Hindu Devotional Songs.

But Sameera betrays Billa, informs the minister's son who hold Billa and Jasmine captives. Films directed by Chakri Toleti.

Muthukumar agreed to write the lyrics for the songs. If you're neither, then don't bother.

Enraged at her death, Billa overpowers and kills everyone. He begins a relationship with Abbasi's girlfriend Sameera Bruna Abdullah. Billa attacks Raghubir when he tries to forcefully detain one of his friends and for revenge he gets Billa tortured in police cell and vows to make him suffer. He shows his factory in his computer via a series of webcams and much to everyone's shock, Billa is seen destroying his factory in Georgia.

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Rajasekhar was appointed as the new cinematographer. With Vishnuvardhan's exit from the project, his script was also scrapped, and Toleti along with Ajith Kumar began penning a new script for the prequel.

Billa climbs the ladder of Abbasi's gang quickly. In a turn of events, Vishnuvardhan opted out of the project citing that his dates clashed with the making of his Telugu film, Panjaa earlier titled as The Shadow. But unknown to them, it was a ploy by Raghubir to trap them as the truck they were driving had diamonds inside.

Dimitri arrives and follows his delivery train, when to his shock, the delivery train is blown by Billa, who would be waiting for him on his own helicopter. In the third week of November, a unit of thirty-six members left for Georgia in Eastern Europe for the final day schedule of the film. Theatrical release poster.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So, Dimitri seeks to oust him. Billa volunteers to sell it off and tries to deal the heroin to a local thug who refuses to pay for it in return.

Dimitri arrives to Goa and has a fallout with Billa when they try to negotiate a deal with Billa. Billa murders Raghubir at a brothel. The arms factory is destroyed by Billa and his friends. Due to schedule clashes, Vishnuvardhan was replaced by Chakri Toleti, with a new script having been penned by a team involving Toleti, Sarath Mandava and Eric Felberg. If you're an action aficionado, item songs it's a treat.

However, he survives and finishes off the assailants, kills Abbasi and Ram, and becomes Goa's most powerful gangster. Shilpa Manjunath, Vivek, Dr.

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Selvakumar who had notably worked in Madrasapattinam was selected as the art director. He gets angered and kills Koti for not killing Billa, and he sets out himself to finish the task.