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Baila Salsa salsa, bailasalsa. Clave Two-beat bass rhytm of African origin. Note about the midis at this site. It is the fusion of many elements that, over hundreds of years, created a unique Cuban sound. The influence was so big among the fans that Cali became the Colombian capital of salsa.

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The midis used in the page are either in the public domain as far as we know or have been used with the author's permission. First you will need to convert the midi. Has salsa and merengue midi files. Once the files are imported into your sequencer you can add your own loops, change the tempo, volbeat guitar gangsters & cadillac blood album change the key and even all the instruments to create your own unique remix!

Thus, for example, the mambo came about from the mixing of ballroom dancing such as the French contredanse with African rhythms. It was invented at the end of the s, when Puerto Ricans living in New York began to play Cuban music, adding their own imprint to it. Guaracha A very popular song and dance genre which likely originated in Cuba, also popular in Puerto Rico and New York from the s through the s. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send them our way.

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Afro-Cuban music has strong African roots as well as a European influence. Cerezo Cha-cha-cha, cerezo. Different types of drums, flutes, and trumpet-like instruments were used. This page doesn't intend to be a definitive source on Latin American music, but just a basic orientation for the confused. Pachanga Dance which resulted from a song composed in by Eduardo Davidson.

Click here to join our very infrequent Mailing List and stay informed of all of our future products, updates and special offers. Just plug in a microphone and your ready to go! In regions to which large numbers of African slaves were brought by the Europeans the African influence on the local music is most noticeable. African instruments used in these countries include primarily percussion instruments, such as drums and shakers, and the marimba. Son is played with guitar, maracas, clave, tres, bongo and trumpet.

The Cuban rumba is played with drums, claves and chorus. The European major and minor scales are used most frequently, as are basic European harmonies. European instruments and derivations of them include the harp, the guitar, the violin, and the accordion. Apiadate de Mi Salsa, apiadate.

An advantage of midi files is their relatively small size, compared to wave or mpeg files. Colombians boast of many exceptional salsa groups including Los del Caney. Toca bonito Salsa, tocabonito.

Microsoft Windows Media Player. Another Cuban dance style popular in New York City from the s through the s, strictly instrumental. Mestizo music has received both of those influences.

Willie Colon, born in the Bronx of Puerto Rican origin, is one of the great representatives of this genre. Merengue The national dance of the Dominican Republic.

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Feel free to use it If you want download link for the. Let us begin with salsa and let us look at some definitions and explanations of what salsa is taken from a number of places. Often thee are accompanied by cona drums, claves, a lead singer and a chorus. Vocal and instrumental melodic lines are often performed in parallel thirds. Charanga Danzon orchestra containing primarily flute, violin and timbales.

Midi Latinas Midi Page Portugal. Many local variants have sprung from these genres.

Plena A Puerto Rican folk ballad, often accompanied by guitars, guiros. The equivalent of jam-sessions.

Bachata rosa..MID Musical Notes Distribution

Timbales Two drums mounted on a stand. Archeological studies at Maya, Aztec and Inca sites have given us some information, as have descriptions made by missionaries.

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The African marimba is also common in popular bands in Mexico and Central America. It originated around the beginning of the century in the province of Oriente and soon became popular in the dance halls of Havana. You should definitely have this free player in your arsenal. However, eventually we would like to improve this page with input from its visitors. Danza Musical genre which developed from European contredanse.

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This genre evolved and influenced many rhythms, including what is today known as salsa. There is, however, additional third party software available that you could purchase separately to convert. Guaguanco A variation of the rumba originating in Havana, Cuba. In the rest of this page you will find some very basic information about Latin American music, primarily what we can call Afro-Latin or Afro-Caribbean types of music, including salsa.