Adele One And Only Instrumental

Adele One And Only (Instrumental)

Johnny Jenkins may not be a household name, but he should be on the list of artists that deserved way more credit then they ever received. Pan Flute Various Artists. Although it's the B side, I always thought it was interesting to name a song after your group. Insomnia Dont Sleep on Anyone.

One And Only - Adele - MP3 instrumental karaoke

Adele, Dan Wilson, Greg Wells All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music. Adele, Dan Wilson, sonicstage 3.4 Greg Wells.

Also of note, the flip, Cantina, was issued as by the Tronics on an earlier Landa disc. There are two different pages showcasing these examples.

Instrumental Version MP3

My guess is that they were either based in Chicago or Detroit. All that time, he continued to record singles. What Ya'll Nigga's Want Edited. Thus several records including this one was issued first on Mambo, then Vita. When the Vita label was issued, it was near the end of the record's run.

The April issue of Billboard magazine mentions one of the strikes records and the Bill Stubblefield disc above, for the Imperial label and had a huge promotional ad. And, he made a lot of records with his name on them. These two labels along with Sir, were related and owned by Sal Rabinowitz.

It had the same Checker number, which was considerably different than the current Chess numbers at the time. They had a lot of good selling records and were in a better position to handle the disc if it broke out big. The first three had sung with the Lamplighters. They had one hit on the Billboard charts called It's Unbelievable. There were a bunch of good records on the label, and this was one of them - a local hit in Pittsburgh for sure.

Just five releases later, the Ken label had another local hit and Dot was the lucky label. Other east coast stations also ran it up and down their surveys too. Flip used the same catalog and master numbers as the Sun release. The labels are represented, though additional variations exist. My Epic promo copy has the group name crossed out and then stamped underneath.

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Why-Ohh did well locally on the west coast, and peaked the interest of the Capitol label contingent. Chess picked it up, but it never did become a big hit. If I said every hit record made started on a small label before it was picked up and distributed nationally by a major label, it wouldn't be true. The Sonics were from New Jersey, and had some great doo wop sides.

These were also custom pressings by Columbia, and also had the same flip side as the Salem issues. The Sam Lazar Trio was from the St.

Instrumental Version MP3

The flip, Chick A Lou, was a cool uptempo side. So, it was not exactly new, as they had bought the already established label which was originally based in New Jersey. Ray Johnson was the session pianist on many stars records, including Ricky Nelson. In they changed their name to the Chords, changed a few members, and became a racially mixed group, in a time that it was not very popular to do so.

It might be possible that this is Adele Storm- United Music Operators secretary - and a local lounge singer, along with a two person backup group. Freeway is the flip and got the most spins, though only from the local charts. The only hint of who the group members were, is the credited guitar solo by Joe Rumoro.

Adele One And Only (Instrumental)

The Velvetones, featuring J. The original was on the Goad label out of Los Angeles, and my discography shows four releases for Goad, all by Ray Johnson. The pop group trio the Three Chuckles made a respectable run on the pop charts with a few records. Ivy was the first issue, and the label was based in New York. The first issue was on Kieth records shown as from Boston, before being picked up by Jubilee.

It was originally released on the P. This is one of just a couple records from the label that got increased exposure by a major label. He also had Recorded in Hollywood, and Cash - which the Turks would also record on.

Richard Vaughn's Arvee label had several hits from the Olympics, later on, the Marathons, and others. This is an interesting pairing. Affirmative Action remix feat. If Lynn Taylor is on the record, I can't hear him. The first issue of Rust had the reference to Andie - which issued a dozen or so records before changing it's name to Rust - and was blue.

Further, my order may be revised in the future, as I start with more theory than fact. Selected Songs of Female Singers.

He never had a smash hit singing, but plenty of his compositions were extremely successful. This one was originally issued on Huggy Boy's Caddy label.

The images are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual. This is an instrumental featuring Doc Bagby and his organ. This is an instrumental side, the flip has vocals. It's a very cool instrumental and obviously made some local noise. Columbia pressed the yellow Salem label records because Salem likely could not keep up with the demand.

This is a tough pairing to figure out. Poor Poor People Interlude. Del Fi issued it on their Los Angeles label shortly thereafter.

They were the Chants out of San Pedro. Vocal as shown is by George Tinley, and the female voice that really sets the record off with that call and response effect, is likely Joan Proctor. Bergen was associated with the Eddie's label. Ken Copeland is Thee Ken Copeland of the ministries of the same name. Originals also were issued on a blue wax Britton disc.

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